Friday, June 26, 2009

You'll never make it to Orlando, errr...oh wait, you're calling from Orlando? okay...

Just having defied the Gods of Athens is enough to keep anyone's excitement level maxed out. For us it was certainly no different. We spent the day cooking and eating home-cooked meals, going to the dog park with Zaxby, and taking back the length of Paul's hair with scissors. It was wonderful.

The gig was also a great time. The venue, Central Station Rock Bar, was clearly no stranger to hosting live bands. They had a good system set up to quickly work in and out 3-4 bands almost every night of the week, and they've been doing it for years. It was a good set and great to see some familiar faces.

The next stop of the night was Bar-B-Q Bar, a cleverly titled indie club in Orlando with a big outdoor dance floor. We rocked the night away to an almost all Michael Jackson DJ set, commemorating the life of one of our favorite artists. Afterwards, we had an encounter with a rickshaw biker that we couldn't refuse, so the five of us piled in her cart and headed back to my apartment in style--a wonderful way to end an exciting day.

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