Monday, June 8, 2009

Raucous Gaiety in a Climate-Controlled Indoor Setting: Minneapolis/St. Paul

As the rest of van*gloria enjoyed fine Nepalese delicacies at Himal Chuli in Madison, WI, I arrived in Minneapolis for my good friend Sean's wedding rehearsal. Said rehearsal went off without a hitch, except for when I terrified the high-strung wedding planner with my (true) story of once being made to ride into a packed hotel ballroom on the shoulders of a bridesmaid who was twice my size. I reunited with van*gloria at the rehearsal dinner at Burrito Loco, on the U of Minnesota campus, and then headed for my friends Andrew's and Margaret's hotel room, where we all helped the best man Charley write his speech for the wedding reception (sample lines: "[Love] was first discovered in 1897 by Slovenian scientist Dr. Miroslav Yanachek" and "It is scientifically proven that acute exposure to this love radiation will produce prolonged bouts of raucous gaiety in a climate-controlled indoor setting").

The following day, after I ably performed my groomsman duties of walking into and out of the church without falling down or knocking over any ceremonial candles, van*gloria headed to the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul for the wedding reception. We made striking wedding guests - I in my tux, Nick in a smart blazer, Andrew in polka dots and bright green polyester, Paul looking like Batman's the Joker. 

Following the dinner, speeches, and Sean and his new bride Alissa's inaugural dance, we played a short set to the most well-dressed crowd we have yet encountered on tour, and to the catering staff, who we continually told to watch the new Starz television series Party Down, a van*gloria 2k9 Tour favorite. Then the DJ took over, and we cut loose to "Footloose," "Don't Stop Believin'," "Roll Out the Barrel," the Jonas Brothers, numerous country songs, and "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof (during which we mightily lifted Sean and Alissa into the air on two chairs, Hora-style), all night long.

Congrats to Sean and Alissa for sealing the 'ol sacred bonds of holy matrimony, and big thanks to my old grade-school pals Andrew, Margaret, Charley, and Matt for letting us crash in style on their hotel room floors. We'll actually return to Minneapolis on Tuesday, to play with the punk band Liarbirds at the Uptown Bar, but until then we'll be rocking the House of Bricks and enjoying my aunt's, uncle's, and grandparents' hospitality in our next stop, the Cornfield of the Stars, Des Moines, Iowa!

As a side note, when Matt was at the wedding ceremony the other 4 members of van*gloria had a great time at a bowling alley/sustainable organic restaurant/theatre called Bryant Lake Bowl which is highly recommended to anyone passing through the twin cities, eating delicious entrees such as Bison Hash and Smoked Trout and Beet Salad. Luke got a turkey (in bowling).


  1. Bison Hash sounded very interesting..........

  2. bison hash and trout/beet salad sounds amazing!

    I had no idea you guys were such bowling dorks