Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh Carbondale!

We left Saint Louis at night for the two hour trip down to Carbondale. Upon arrival, it was straight to Tres Hombres (where we were to play two nights later) to see my friend Jon's band. They were great and we had a lot of fun hanging out and seeing the stage we were to play at, however, exhausted from the City Museum and the hot weather, we soon retired to the Sitarz Residence, where we were staying with my high school friend Justin and his parents Dan and Jan.

The next day was certainly no cooler, 95-100 degrees all day long. We ate at my favorite lunch spot, New Kahala, and I gave the boys a driving tour full of highlights of the first 18 years of my life. Later on we realized the true purpose of owning a pool as we beat the heat in my high school friends Keith and Katie's Dad's pool. We had a very relaxing midwestern day just floating in the pool and occasionally playing frisbee before going downtown to see some Carbondale bars and a bit more live music.

Saturday was the day of the big gig. In the morning, Justin and I whipped up a massive frittata/tortilla for everyone and again we basically just took it easy all day. In the 97 degree weather we braved our way out to Giant City State Park for a quick hike through the main nature trail. Immediately following, we went to nearby Makanda for some very necessary ice cream and some not-as-necessary XXX-hot "Hell's Rain" kettle-cooked habanero potato chips. Then, yet again, it was off to a pool, this time at long time family friend Melanie's house. She made us delicious fresh peach margaritas and truly enjoyed Andrew's unique bathing suit. Also, she happened to have a tanning bed in her house (long story) and it resulted in some very burnt friends.

The gig itself was great as well. We were treated very nicely, with free dinner and drinks all night as well as a our biggest paycheck yet. Everyone in the audience had a crazy dance party, with my high school friends shouting for more and more encores at the end of the night. Aside from several technical problems, the gig was great (and a lot of it was thanks to all the dancing!)

The next day we took it easy again, with a great meal provided by Justin in the morning and a quick stop at Quattro's Deep Pan Pizza on the way out to Nashville. Carbondale was such a great time, in part due to the charming little midwestern vibe, but mainly due to our great friends and hosts, who really showed us a great time. Thanks guys! 

(Sorry we don't have any pics from carbondale for some reason, however if you have any let me know.)

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  1. It was great to see you Nick and meet the bandmates... and you were correct - I did like the swimsuit. Hope your tour continues safely and know that you all are welcome to stop by anytime you are in Makanda. Big stories are being told of how great your music is and how much fun everyone had (young and old) Until we meet again...-Melanie