Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Pretty much, yeah...

We were unfortunate enough to suffer yet another tire blowout on the already long trip from Long Island to Pittsburgh. Whereas the first time there were no cars around, this time we were on the very busy Pennsylvania Turnpike. Fortunately we were able to maneuver to the shoulder safely, although there was not much room in between us and the semi trucks screaming by (especially since the blown tire was on the driver's side.) 

Yes, we are aware of the irony of being called "van*gloria" and having a far from glorious time with our van(s). 

In an all-too-routine fashion, we filed out of the van in silence and proceeded to unload the van, jack it up, and swap out the tires. We then set out in search of a tire store. We crested a hill and were very happy to find just what we were looking for...

$210 later we were on the road for another 4 hours to Pittsburgh. In total the 6.5 hour drive turned to 10. We immediately went to grab a sandwich at Primanti Bros, a place we had heard about on the TV which serves gigantic 6 dollar sandwiches jam-packed with huge amounts of meat, fries, and cole slaw. Upon attempting to add hot sauce and ketchup to our sandwiches we were chastised for "ruining the sandwich" and ended up eating them out on the street in front of the restaurant.

If there's one thing we learned about Pittsburgh it is that they take things seriously, from sandwiches to sports. The Penguins game going on the night of our gig ended up taking our 1 hour set down to 20 minutes (see first picture of this post) so 5 headaches and $0 later, we were on the road to much happier times in Cleveland. Goodbye forever, Pittsburgh.


  1. I laughed loud when I read it. This was not a regular laugh but it's sort of laughing with ... don't know how to describe. As long as everyone is safe, nothing matters. But, having a tire on the driver side popped is not a laughing matter.
    Oh well, we need more prayers.

  2. the person on the magazine cover kind of looks like andrew.