Sunday, May 24, 2009

A quick slice of New Jersey and a few sips of Saratoga

A special thanks to my dad for taking us all out to a much needed lunch in a classic New Jersey Diner on our trek between Philly and Saratoga Springs, NY. After a very long night it was great to check out Holsten's Diner, known for being the location of the very last shot of the Soprano's series. Aside from the almost hilariously lackluster waiting service, the food was delicious. We got to sit down and review our travels and trials before giving the van a thorough once over and hitting the road again. We made it to Saratoga and didn't even break down! Not even once!

Our first stop (after a failed attempt at buying Luke some new pants in Albany) was Congress Park, designed by the same designer as New York's Central Park and San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Dispersed around the park are a number of natural spring fountains, each unique and constantly flowing with water straight from the very springs that Saratoga Springs is named for. As interesting of a concept as this is, the water is far from refreshing to the casual drinker, being a little reminiscent of "rotten eggs" (Andrew) and "water that's been used to soak rusty nails" (Matt)

We rolled up to Luke's house and were greeted by smiling family, cold beer, and delicious pizza. Another very special thanks to the Moellman's for allowing us to stay here, wash our disgusting clothes, and get some much needed relaxing. It is a great feeling to know we will be in one place for almost a week, after playing 5 shows in five cities all the way up the east coast. Tomorrow at 7:30am we head to Noon Mark Mountain for a Memorial Day hike. More updates are sure to come tomorrow.

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