Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keep On Rocking Until 8:10 PM Eastern Time: van*gloria in NYC

After leaving the syrup sweetness of Vermont, we headed for the bright lights and limited parking spaces of the Big Apple, New York City, much lauded by songs, prose poems, made-for-TV movies, and street-vended t-shirts. We played at 7:30 sharp at the Annex, in the Lower East Side, and despite the early start time we had a large contingent of family and friends warmly greet us, said contingent including but not limited to Lauren Byrne's Uncle Rob, who was so taken with our thrift store wardrobe that he expressed a desire to purchase his own pair of ladies' pants. Many big apples of gratitude to all who came, as there were a number of surprise attendees, plus an especially juicy and savory Red Delicious apple of gratitude to the Break Mission (featuring fellow U of M-er Ben Lindell) for helping us land the gig and for vociferously vibrating our eardrums with their epic, majestic rock.

More details of our adventures in NYC and Long Island to come (teaser: one such adventure involves Paul Bender unwittingly terrorizing the housewives of a suburban cul-de-sac [ed. - seriously]) . . .

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