Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gamecocks, Goulash, and Gajewskis

We were welcomed to Columbia, SC by Matt's awesome Uncle Pat, Aunt Stacy, their daughters, and a giant pot of goulash (which, as a side note, is great topped with BBQ Fritos). Finally out of the miserable downpour-plagued Florida, we sat outside on the patio soaking in the beautiful afternoon. Just 5 guys enjoying goulash and Fresca and the wonderful company of Matt's family. After dinner, we played on giant rope swings, rope horses, balance beams, and best of all, the Gajewskis' tennis court. Van*gloria vs. Samantha and Kelly, ages 11 and 14. They schooled us bigtime. We yelped and dodged their dangerous, precise serves while bounding around the court like a bunch of goofs. The gig in downtown Columbia was our longest yet, a great opportunity to rehearse more songs, and was cheered on by a handful of locals and the friendly lead singer of Modern Disruption, Junior. Lots of whooping. When we returned from our gig we found a note from the girls to enjoy some ice cream, cookies, and milk before bed, despite our poor display on the court! Top that! Well, they did...we came downstairs this morning to full-page color photos of the band with another note asking for autographs and ended up signing the photos, a couple albums, and 5 tennis balls for our biggest teenage fans to date. We'll see where we stack up for wall space with Taylor Swift, teeny-bopper hunks, and NCIS.


  1. VAN GLORIA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad you guys had fun with the Gajewski fam! They are pretty special :) Good luck with your next few gigs and we can't wait to see you in 2 weeks in Minneapolis/Des Moines/Madison :)