Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodbye My Sweet Air Conditioning: Columbia, Missouri

After enjoying fine, temperate weather for the majority of the tour, we began to suffer the perspiration-drenched consequences of our van's broken-down air conditioning system en route to Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri. Massive dark cumulonimbus greeted us on our arrival to the Blue Fugue, a downtown "live music /mini dance club" where we waited for several hours for the other four bands to play before we finished off the night, playing to only a handful of late-night stragglers after we nearly emptied the bar with the first few measures of our opening song. Luckily, the Blue Fugue was a charming venue, with a wide array of microbrews and myriad overflowing bookshelves, and I whiled away the idle hours before our set by reading the bizarre expressionist Eugene O'Neill play The Emperor Jones. Quasi-bizarre-expressionist escapades occurred in real life when we followed some strangers to their apartment complex ten miles outside of Columbia after the show, but that is a story for another time. Nick's mom generously provided us with a nice hotel a few blocks from the Blue Fugue, and there we rested our weary bones in the sweet chill of central air conditioning before tackling St. Louis the following morning. Air conditioning. Sweet, sweet air conditioning.  


  1. oh boy... the airconditioning... here we go again...

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